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Vodka without Gluten or Grain: The Newest Trend in Drinking

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Many spirits are Gluten Free, but most miss the mark on offering a Grain Free option. With Wisher’s innovative recipe using beet sugar versus sugar from grains, we can offer both. We open up a whole new world for those with dietary restrictions, while building on our brand’s cornerstone of inclusion. We’re putting the transparency back into the industry.

Golden Mule
Just Wishing
The Wisher Wish, Pitcher Cocktail
Apple Spice Drop
Gingerbread Night Cap

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Finally busted open a bottle of my @wishervodka - WOW. This is good!

BanthaFodderDan - NFTJedi.eth ❌

I received my @wishervodka in the mail, right in time for spring festivities.:) Mint #45! (Its too pretty to open!)

Cincinatti, OH

Vodka is actually my least favourite liquor, but I drink this straight with just an ice cube all the time! It's so good!


Thank you ⁦@wishervodka@KLow2022 & ⁦@emtastic_eth


Wisher passes the Shot Test with flying colors.


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