Introducing Wisher Vodka

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Via a Unique Go-to-Market Approach, Wisher’s Female Co-Founders Launched the Brand First in the Metaverse as Decentraland’s First Meta-Distillery Before Debuting at Retail

Today a wish comes true as Kimberly LaRose and Emily Gillis-Terry unveil Wisher Vodka, their great-tasting, lab-tested, gluten-free, grain-free vodka that is distilled from beets using vegan processes and ingredients.

“Emily and I cofounded Wisher after I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2020,” LaRose said. “Two years ago, we had a simple wish: Create the most inclusive craft spirit on the market and one I could enjoy even with my food sensitivities and dietary restrictions.” And LaRose is not alone in her dietary constraints. Roughly 30% of Americans – almost one in
three – avoid gluten or grains for various reasons. “But sadly, the liquor industry is not held to the same labeling standards as food makers here in the United States,” Gillis-Terry explained.

Ingredients do not need to be listed on packaging and sweeteners, as well as preservatives can be added to spirits in the post-production process with no requirement for distillers to disclose ingredients, additives or possible allergens,” Gillis-Terry explained. “At Wisher, we’re out to change that. We champion transparency and honesty in the creation and ingredients of our vodka, as well as all spirits made here in the U.S.”

A Meta-First Go-To-Market Approach

This spring, Wisher became the first spirit launched completely in the Metaverse when the brand released a collection of NFTs. With each NFT, the purchaser received a redemption code for six bottles of Wisher Vodka. “Strategically from a business perspective, we looked at brick- and-mortar options, but we quickly realized that we’d just be another small brand in a very crowded space in the real world,” Gillis-Terry said. “So, we embraced being a spirits-brand pioneer in the Web 3.0 community and became the first spirit ever launched in the metaverse.

In the first two weeks, before our vodka even hit retail shelves, we sold more than 100 cases.”


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Introducing Wisher Vodka, a Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Vodka Distilled from Beets
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Along with the NFT drop, LaRose and Gillis-Terry broke ground on their meta-distillery, the first in Decentraland, last September and have been hosting weekly parties there ever since.

“Before a drop of vodka was available in store, we launched Wisher in the metaverse to celebrate our earliest supporters and biggest fans,” LaRose said.

“A lot of brands are dipping
their toes in the metaverse waters. Not Wisher. We’ve gone all in on the metaverse, specifically Decentraland, and we welcome everyone to come out and tour our meta-distillery.”

Putting the Her in Wisher

One of LaRose’s first calls after her Crohn’s diagnose was to Gillis-Terry. The pair had always wanted to partner on an entrepreneurial project and now they had a mission: Create a great tasting vodka that all Americans could enjoy.

Through their entrepreneurial quest, the duo researched 100’s of distilling partners and traveled in-person to interview dozens.

Many in the male-dominated spirits industry, downplayed LaRose and Gillis-Terry’s dream. “’The distilling process removes all gluten,’ many said. ‘Consumers don’t care about the grains in their spirits,’ others remarked. But I just couldn’t discount how I felt,” LaRose said. Eating or drinking the wrong things could trigger days and sometimes even weeks of gastrointestinal discomfort and sickness for LaRose.

“Kim is diligent about transparency in everything she eats,” Gillis-Terry said. “She – and many Americans – crave the same transparency in the spirits they enjoy. That’s the wish behind Wisher Vodka.”

But Wisher is so much more than that. “It’s a made-in-America brand rooted in sharing with a goal of creating a diverse, supportive community while filling a gap in the spirits industry with transparency and honesty,” LaRose said. “We’re also proud to be a women-owned business.” Wisher is lab tested to ensure each bottling is gluten- and grain-free. “With Wisher Vodka at your next party, you and your guests can relax and confidently enjoy a cocktail,” Gillis-Terry said. “We like to say, ‘Wisher turns every event into an inclusive, VIP party.’”

Wisher is smooth, balanced and delivers a hint of toasted marshmallow and vanilla, as well as a subtle sweetness on the finish. It is ideal for sipping straight up or mixing in a favorite cocktail. About Wisher Vodka an all-American brand, Wisher Vodka is distilled in Florida and our beets are grown on family
farms in North Dakota. Wisher Vodka is 40% ABV and 80 proof. Folks 21-years-of-age or older can buy and ship Wisher Vodka coast-to-coast via the “Buy Now” link on

Wisher is also available IRL (In Real Life). To find a retailer or restaurant carrying Wisher, visit our store locator at


* You must 21-years or older and a fan of great vodka to enjoy Wisher. Please drink responsibly.