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Wisher vodka is rooted in sharing with a goal of creating a diverse, inclusive, supportive community.

Not just JPEGs

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Vodka mixes well with others

We have partnered with four premier NFT brands to bring signature cocktails for Web 3 enthusiasts everywhere to enjoy IRL and share meaningful conversations about Web 3 over a cocktail at a bar.

Meet the partners

Peaceful Spirit

Partnership Cocktail

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Sup Duck Lagoon

Partnership Cocktail

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Announcing Soon

More coming soon.

Banana Rapture

Partnership Cocktail

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Meet the Artist

Meet the rest of the team

Why an NFT?

Through an NFT strategy, Wisher is on the verge of setting a new precedent for consumable brands. This enables us to know our customers on a new level. Pioneering how e-commerce is done in web 3.0 environments.

Physical Utility

1 of the first 1000 bottles numbered and signed
by the co-founders, Kim and Emily

5 additional bottles, to round out a full case, to share with friends (750 ML)

Swag box filled with limited edition merch and extras

Access to exclusive IRL events

Digital Utility

Exclusive digital wearable for Decentraland

Access to VIP area in Decentraland

Allowlist opportunities for future drops

Token holder community discord channel

Access to exclusive Metaverse events & air drops

Where is Wisher Vodka

After the NFT mint, IRL presales will begin in the Maryland and DC area. Contact us below for more presale information

Wisher & Inflamation

Wisher fills a gap in industry with a lab tested Gluten Free and Grain Free product. Most brands are made with Gluten or Grain containing products including wheat, corn, and potato now they can claim they are gluten free after the distillation process even if they are created from Gluten containing products.

Liquor is not held to the same standards as food and is not required to list ingredients on the bottle ingredients can be added to the product post production and they are not required to disclose that information on the packaging.

Wisher & Web 3

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