Start your virtual engines...

Vroom Vroom Grand Prix presented by Nikki Fuego and sponsored by Wisher Vodka


Tuesday April 5th 10:00 PM UTC / 5:00 PM CST in DCL (-58,125)

Decentraland will have its first ever virtual car race! Players will vroom vroom around in these custom wearables created by NikkiFuego. There is a parkour course and several obstacles that players will have to overcome to obtain the special trophy, a 1:1 Wisher Helmet! This is going to be one of Decentraland's most ambitious projects to date! We are excited to be teaming up with the team at House of Fuego to join the pit-crew and support the web 3.0 community. EPICSmasher and Maryana will be live announcing all of the crazy shenanigans that are bound to take place. Join us for a vrooming good time. *Please vroom vroom responsibly*


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