Off Chain NFT LA Afterparty

March 30th from 8pm to 2am we will be co-hosting our first IRL NFT Mixer party with several other NFT projects such as Sup Ducks, Peaceful Groupies, Thingdoms, Valiant, 3Landers, Crypto Batz and Benny Boy. There will be food, open bar by yours truly and art on display! 

This will be one of the Hottest after parties for the NFT LA conference in 2022. Lets gooooo!

Matt Sullivan (letsuckless) by doge mcclaren Wisher vodka at NFT LAJhemma Ziegler, Tunde Laleye, Bay Diaz and Bokkeh and Emtastic at NFT LAWisher vodka at NFT LAEmtastic at Nftla

Off chain NFT LA Community Mixer