Finding Whimsy

Finding Whimsy with Serena Elis and

Do you have what it takes to be one of Whimy's Flower Frenz? Whimsy, the Legitimacy Faerie, wants you to know that it takes sharing.

Sharing Helps Everyone Win. Everyone who attends the "Finding Whimsy" treasure hunt will get their own Epic pair of SHEWz.

Strap them on and hunt for the 10 clues that will lead you to Whimsy. The first to find Whimsy will get an Epic "spotlight" emote (74/100). Everyone who finds Whimsy will get an Epic Flower Crown wearable and be welcomed into the Flower Frenz faerie circle. Meta Performer Serena Elis will begin the event with a mindfulness session. For the rest of her set she will be singing and DJ-ing positive dance music. Before We're All Gonna Make It, we need to strap on our SHEWz!