Decentraland’s largest happy hour with Wisher Vodka was lit |

Derisha Aryawan via Blockster

If you can pull an all-nighter drinking cocktails IRL, where were you during the largest happy hour in Decentraland?

In the real world, we spend all week looking forward to Friday night, where we can let our hair down and get our positive vibes on. Guess what? Turns out metaverse life is no different.

The first thing we have to do is gather a bunch of our virtual friends (or go solo if that’s your thing) and get ready to roll. Maybe we fancy ordering a pizza in the metaverse before the party? No problem. Rumor has it that KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, and McDonald’s have all recently filed for various trademark applications for non-fungible tokens (NFT) and metaverse services, so we’ll have our favorite fast-food choices soon.

After our fast food cravings are satisfied, it’s time for the epic stuff! It’s time for our avatar to party with Wisher Vodka in the metaverse (Their Decentraland address is located at DCL 4, -110.)

In March, Wisher Vodka became the first spirit launched completely in the metaverse when the brand randomly released a collection of 1,056 cocktail-themed NFTs via a mystery mint process. As one of the first booze brands in the metaverse, Wisher Vodka has hosted some unforgettable events in Decentraland, such as the largest Meta-happy hour during World Cocktail Day last Friday the 13th. To keep things poppin’ all night, the happy hour began at 5 pm EST with a DJ set from Kong; guitarist John Marvin Scott also took the Wisher’s Meta-Distillery stage, followed by Toigo, who ended the event with a bang!

About Wisher

Wisher Vodka was founded by Kimberly LaRose (Klow) and Emily Gillis-Terry (Emtastic) to bring people together in a supportive and inclusive community. Their name comes from wishing they could reunite the world. As a woman-owned brand, notice that it has the word “her” within it and features a goddess symbol on the label.

“Since we broke ground on our meta-distillery last September in Decentraland and have been hosting weekly parties since, we wanted to throw a big happy hour to recognize World Cocktail Day. And we thought, why not make it the biggest happy hour yet in Decentraland.” Gillis-Terry explained.

Way Cooler Than Discord

Maybe you have been to a Discord party where random artists drop their beats on the Discord stage but imagine a Metaverse party that is 10x more interactive; you will quickly forget about those awkward Discord parties. (Sorry, Discord artists: it’s not you, it’s Discord.) Those Discord parties are incredibly clumsy because everybody that is not on stage – basically the entire audience – can only drop chats in another channel, usually flooding it with GIFs or memes. This is why experiential virtual worlds, like Decentraland, will drive the future.

Aside from throwing fabulous metaverse parties and dropping Cocktail NFTs, Wisher Vodka has also released a bunch of cool branded Wearable NFTs that you can flex while you chill in Decentraland.

There are a ton of events happening daily in Decentraland: from community gatherings to movie marathons, and far beyond. The Decentraland events page is your Bible if you are on the lookout for upcoming virtual events.

Note: You must be 21-years or older and a fan of great vodka to enjoy Wisher. Please drink responsibly.