Building the Celestial Wilds!

Celestial Wilds by Wisher VodkaDuring this extremely harsh crypto winter, we have been engrossed in our work with our partners at SwivelMeta building out an entire interactive universe, and a roadmap for community events and promotions. We have been developing the world's lore, artistic style and interactive elements building to the largest phygital (physical and digital) experience in web 3. 

We will enter the world through a small breach at the secret decentraland portal.  This isolated portion of the land, known to the locals as Moonhollow, is just a glimpse of this expansive region. Moonhollow,  a preserved and guarded glory, will act as our headquarters in this mystical world.  It is just the beginning of a journey we will travel together, leading to other multiverse experiences.  Dive into The Celestial Wilds story and gain artifacts and collectibles through our weekly underground gatherings. 


Join us in this first foray into the Celestial Wilds on October 20th, 2022 at 7pm EST where our journey begins inside Decentraland at 4,-111 you can jump in here

Behind the scenes of celestial wilds