12.17.21 Pixel Party

This Friday December 17th 2021. Wisher Vodka will be hosting their first ever community concert. The line-up with YungBosna and Lemondoza is set to kick off around 9pm CST. We will have some wearable giveaways supplied by our friend DCLDating and Celestelle_DCL. We will have 3 pairs of shoes from Metawear and 10 NFT artworks from Celestelle_DCL. POAPS will be available for the first 1500 people who collect the code from our discord. To be eligible for our giveaways you will need to be in our discord as a verified member for our RNG tool to pick you up! If selected, we will need you to send us your wallet hash in a DM (we will never reach out first as a safety precaution from Discord Bots) Join us for an evening of celebrating these artists as well as our community members who worked hard to pull of this fun event!



Lemondoza, coming all the way from Russia, has a heavy European neuro bass and dreamy wave influence and constantly brings her all to the table with her unique production, deep lyrics,heavy sound design and captivating vocals. Her sets are not depend on certain bpm but but a certain futuristic yet nostalgic vibe. She played major events and festivals with people like Rezz, G Jones, Eprom, Bleep Bloop, Eevee and many more. Lemondoza creates ultimate cyber punk, sci-fi experience for her audience, using her aestetics and stage presents.



Adel Mesic (Born April 10, 1992), Better known by his stage name Yung Bosna is a Bosnian-born American hip hop artist from Tesanj, Bosnia



Triple Shoe by Metawear donated by DCLDating.

Triple Shoe Giveaway

Castle in the Sky II by @Ceslestelle_DCL

Castle in the Sky by Celestelle_DCL

Hater Blockers by DOCTORdripp

Hater Blockers by DOCTORdripp

Doggy Day Care S1 Hat from @dogmandcl